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The swimming pool temporarily effed me up..

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but…who are any of you and have you ever been invited to anything on this level? multiple times over? performed for millions? had a lead role on broadway? i guess what i’m asking is… what are y’all doing besides trying to throw shade? she’s paid, loving life, and living her dream… and a sister to your favorite performers. the real shade is you all CLEARLY know her and actively seek out chances to “read” at a first grade level. you’re reaching. instead of trying to clown her, maybe you should take a few notes… cause…

And in THAT order.

Most of these kids aren’t even on LaTavia’s level tbh so they really can’t be saying shit about Michelle.

The michelle jokes were cute at first but they’re not anymore. Like frfr, she stays in her lane so well. She never comes for anybody or offends anyone. All she’s worried about is her, god, bey, kelly, solange, blue, etc. and getting her coins. That’s all she worried about but yall go on and be pressed trynna figure out how you finna pay your rent by the 2nd of next month while she’s sitting somewhere tropical for these coming fall and winter months.

As if Michelle cares what y’all hating ass trollops think. She crying all the way to the bank to collect that DC3 money.

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thug life? more like hug life. come here

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